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Through grants, HEAL supports organizations and schools serving those with autism spectrum disorders in Northeast Florida.

MISSION: Inspiring, educating, and funding services for those affected by autism in our community.
VISION: Make our community the best place to live for those affected by autism.

Text AUTISM to 77948 to make a donation to the HEAL Foundation.
Griffis Gas will match your donation to HEAL up to their annual goal of $10,000!

“We appreciate the HEAL Foundation and all that they do to support Hippotherapy for children with autism. They make it possible for us to provide physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy on horseback to kids with Autism as well as those with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other disabilities. Thank you HEAL Foundation!” – Horse Play Therapy


As fellow residents of the Northeast Florida community, we at HorsePlay Therapy Center are thrilled to work with Cause Inspired Media. Through web design, and active management of our Google Grant, they have been providing us with digital marketing services since 2016.

We were fortunate enough to have begun working with Cause Inspired Media just as we were becoming operational. We initially approached them with our need for digital advertising, and they were more than happy to help. Because of their vast digital marketing expertise, they were able to create a functional, user-friendly website that met and exceeded all of our needs. From there, they used our website and our content to create a meaningful SEO strategy, and used it to direct traffic to our website.

We chose to work with Cause Inspired Media because, as a new and growing organization, we recognized an immediate need for a digital presence. We contacted them with a need for a working website and Google Advertising. Lucky for us, Google offers nonprofits a grant in the form of a  $10,000 monthly credit to advertise on Google’s search network. Cause Inspired Media applied for this grant on our behalf, and they manage our account on a monthly basis; both writing our digital advertisements, and giving us recommendations for our website.

After our website was finished, they chose to donate a year of their Google Grant management services to HorsePlay Therapy Center. As members of the same local community, we both feel strongly about the using innovative therapies to help children in need. We feel that our attention to detail, and the quality of treatment we give to each patient reflects the internal values at Cause Inspired Media. Just like the generous individuals that work for us at HorsePlay Therapy Center, Cause Inspired Media places a huge emphasis on giving quality assistance to each nonprofit they work with. This makes us comfortable and confident with our decision to work with Cause Inspired Media.

We’d like to thank Cause Inspired Media for all of their hard work and commitment to the Northeast Florida community, and we look forward to continue building our relationship through digital marketing!

Cause Inspired Media


Ansaarie Cardiac and Endovascular Center of Excellence is proud to support Horseplay Therapy Center and their mission to change the lives of countless children through equine-assisted therapy programs. We are a small family owned and operated cardiology practice that is committed to providing the most cost effective, compassionate, personal, and innovative care to our patients and community. Horseplay therapy adopts a similar compassionate approach in their advanced treatment of children with a variety of diagnoses to achieve the highest outcomes, independent of ability to pay. The amazing team at Horseplay therapy has also touched our hearts and lives as parents personally, as we have watched our own daughter from a young age participate in their programs. We have been blessed to see how the treatment modalities they implement can increase confidence, improve eye contact, strengthen verbal communication, and enhance interpersonal relationships with others, all while providing so much joy in the life of a child.

Ansaarie Cardiac and Endovascular Center


Southeast Veterinary Hospital is proud to support Horseplay Therapy’s mission to provide equine-assisted therapy to as many children as possible! As a family-owned practice, we focus on building relationships with our patients, adapting our approach to treatment based on communication and cues from the animals in our care. Horseplay Therapy’s hippotherapy program brings this cooperative method to the treatment of children with special needs, allowing them to gain strength and confidence from the relationships they build with the fantastic team of specialists and therapy horses.

SouthEast Veterinary Hospital

“After Maliah started doing hippotherapy, she finally started saying her first words and taking her first steps.”

• Maliah’s mom

“Our daughter Kaelynn is 6 years old and has been participating in hippotherapy for a year and a half. We have seen results at home and at school that we were not seeing in the traditional therapy setting. Prior to starting hippotherapy, Kaelynn could walk and run but was uncoordinated, and had no fine motor skills. Over time we noticed that running became more natural for her, her hands became stronger, and she actually wanted to color, string beads, and cut with scissors. These things were super hard for her prior to starting hippotherapy.   She is also better at following directions and concentrating to complete her tasks.  The best part is that Kaelynn doesn’t even realize she is in therapy when she is on the horse. She’s just excited that she get to go horseback riding every Wednesday! I would highly recommend Horseplay Therapy to any parent who has a child with special needs!!”

• Kaelynn’s mom

“Ayana started with Next Step therapy one year ago at the young age of two. At that time Ayana was not speaking much and was showing some signs of sensory processing deficits. These behaviors included toe walking and other sensory seeking actions, covering her eyes and ears in social settings, and she was also distressed by leaving the confines of our home or being with anyone other than her parents. After just five months of hippo therapy at Horseplay Therapy, Ayana had shown dramatic improvements in her verbal communication, interpersonal communication with others, and we as parents were able to better assist her in coping behaviors outside of the home.

Through her work with Vicky and the other therapists at Horseplay Therapy, Ayana has had an opportunity to improve concentration, eye contact, body posture control and muscle relaxation, communication with others, and the ability to better express her needs and transition from one activity to the next. These improvements we have seen now over the course of one year have meant increased confidence in her abilities in her daily life and just so much joy. She has formed amazing relationships with Vicky, the other therapists, volunteers, other animals, and of course the horses at Horseplay Therapy; they are part of our family.

Ayana is truly such a compassionate little girl, with a love for all animals, a passion for arts and crafts, love for her family, and a big heart of gold. Next Step therapy has helped foster her ability to share her sweet personality with the world around her. Working with Vicky and the team of volunteers and therapists has truly been a blessing to our family and it’s hard to belief that Ayana was ever having the challenges she was at the initial stages of therapy when we started. We look forward to watching Ayana grow and continue to flourish with Vicky and her team.”

• Ayana’s mom

“Hippotherapy has helped Ana to have better posture and more strength in her core and hips and now she is starting to walk!”

• Ana's mom

Individual Results May Vary