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“This therapy is great for Braden. It helps with his body strength and balance. We are hoping that Braden will get more upper body and shoulder strength to learn how to write. After Braden started hippotherpay he gained more balance that helped his walking, running, climbing, and jumping.  Every time we come here Braden gets very excited and happy. Braden’s  physical therapist, Vicky, has been very supportive and encouraging to Braden.  We are very happy to to be a part of  HorsePlay Therapy.”

— Braden’s Mom

“Since starting hippotherapy with The HorsePlay Therapy Center its been so much fun to see Greyson blossom and grow! His teachers recently reported that his attention span and ability to be present have increased noticeably.  His core strength, balance, handwriting and sensory seeking have all improved remarkably.  Within the first few months he was trying new things on the playground that he would never have even attempted prior to hippotherapy.  Greyson and I love coming each week and believe any child could benefit from this kind of therapy. A million thanks to the stellar staff and therapists at HorsePlay Therapy.  Every child has so much potential just waiting to be unlocked and its been a true blessing to watch hippotherapy bring that out in Greyson.  Thank you for all you do!  The way you care about each and every child is palpable!”

— Greyson’s Mom

“HorsePlay has been an amazing experience for us and invaluable for our son.  Lucas has improved his balance, his motor skills, his fine motor skills, his core is so much stronger. He likes to come here because he thinks he is just going to play with the horse. The volunteers are amazing and the people that are here every Wednesday with us are amazing.  For us, hippotherapy is super valuable and I will keep bringing Lucas as long as he needs to come!”

— Lucas’s Mom